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Sabtu, 12 Mei 2012

A letter for U,

Dear my son, and dear my daughter,,,

The day when you will find that I became very old , try to have some patience to me
and try to understand me.

If I get dirty by eating …
If I have some difficulty dressing… be patient! Remember the hours
that I spent to learn you
any sorts of things when you were small.

If I repeat the same thing dozens of time, does not interrupt me! 
Listen to me!

When you were small, you kept asking me to  read you the same history,  evening after evening, until you fall asleep. And I made it !

If I do not wash myself any more so often under the shower, do not reprimand and do not tell me that it is a shame.

Remember how many excuses I had to invent to make you take a bath you were small.

By seeing my ignorance
towards the new technologies, do not laugh of me but leave me rather the time to understand

I taught you so many things indeed to eat well …to dress well… to behave well… how to confront the problems of the life …

If I sometimes  miss memory or am not able to follow a conversation,  leave me the necessary time to recollect  and if I do not reach there, do not become a nervous and arrogant person because the most important for me,… it is to be with you and to be able to speak to you.

If I refuse to eat, do not force myself !
I know very well when I am hungry and when I am not hungry.

When my poor legs will not allow me any more
to move as before …

…Help me in the same way as I held your hands
to learn you make your first steps.

And when one day, I shall say to you that I do not want to live any more …

that I want to die,  do not get angry … 

because one day, you will also understand !

Try to understand that at certain age, we do not really live any more. We simply survive!

One day, you will understand that in spite of all my errors, I always wanted what was best for you and that
I prepared you the ground for when you’ve grown up.

You do not have to feel sad, unfortunate or incompetent
in front of my old age and of my state.
You have to stay near me, try to understand what I live, to make your best  as I did  at  your birth.

Help me to walk,  help me to end my life
with love and patience. The only way that I  need
to thank you for it, it is a smile and
a lot of love from you.

I love you …my son, my daughter!

Your Dad, your Mum

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